This is What Elon Musk’s Advise to Kanye West for his US Presidential Election..read the details below for more


Elon Musk, Founder and Chief Engineer, SpaceX, spoke at the Satellite 2020 conference on March 9, 2020, in Washington, DC, USA. Elon Musk has some hints on Connie West’s 2020 presidential bid: wait another four years. In a detailed interview published in the New York Times on Saturday (July 25), the founders of Tesla and SpaceX gave their thoughts on their plans to run for the presidency and hit the Twitter ranks of rapper and fashion mogul.


On July 4, West tweeted that he was running for president, and Musk responded immediately, “You have my support!” However, Musk agreed that 2024 was a good time for Rascal’s ambitious political race.” I did my part to convince him that 2024 would be better than 2020,” Musk told the Times, adding that he did not want to blame the West for splitting the black vote for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Kanye West says he will run for US president in 2020

In the interview, Musk said he had “been in contact with the West for at least ten years” and suggested that he check the rapper after a recent “tweet outrage”, during which his wife Kim Kardashian sent a doctor. Wyoming claims to be “locked up,” and the 2017 horror film Get Out is about her, along with other unfavorable themes.


“When that tweet was a third, I sent him a text to see if he’s right. A lot of people are worried, if you think so,” Musk said. “He turned to me. He called. He’s great. He did facetime on video. He went to Wyoming with a group of friends. I came. He was excellent on the call. Things you know, not well. There are a lot of problems.

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Kardashian later came to the rescue of her husband and shared a statement referring to her struggle with bipolar disorder.” He is an artist and a black man who has lost his mother severely. He must deal with the stress and loneliness caused by bipolar disorder,” Kardashian wrote.


Rapper Kanye West announces US presidential bid, gets Elon Musk's ...


At his first campaign rally in South Carolina on July 19, West spoke before shedding tears during a secret debate on abortion on issues such as support for the health care system, the LGBTQ + community, and gun control. West apologized to Kardashian on Twitter for speaking publicly about his personal life on Saturday.

“I want to apologize for making my wife Kim private information out publicly. I did not hide her because she covered me up. I just want to say that I know I hurt you for Kim. Please forgive me. Thank you for always being there for me,” West wrote.