Alita battle angel 2 is Returning with Rosa Salazar, Release Date and Other Updates…everything you need to know about it

Alita Battle Angel 2: Rosa Salazar Returns, Release Date and Cast

Rosa returns to Sulphur Iron City as a female scientist in the sequel Alita battle angel. She previously appeared in the 2018 film Labyrinth Runner: The Death Care, but her major success was in the Alita Battle Angel. Alita Bottle Angel has always been an important part of her cinematic career and never missed the opportunity to return.


It deserves a cyberpunk action movie sequel because it has undiscovered spaces and elements. Meanwhile, A-Lister actors Edward Norton, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jay Courtney played guest roles in the film. No great filmmaker would include such great actors without a future plan. Norton’s main character in Noah’s story, but his story is not that big in this film.

Currently, there is no official confirmation for the follow-up release. However, it is believed that everyone involved in this project will be uninterrupted. Producer James Cameron has plans for several sequels following the release of the Alita Battle Angel. In an interview with BBC Radio 1, Cameron suggested some titles for the upcoming sequel.


Soon, the Alita battle angel will be dedicated to  fans

Despite the mixed response from science fiction critics, it was a great success at the box office. The film, which grossed 4,404.8 million worldwide, developed a special fan base for the storyline based on the manga gunman. Christoph Waltz reports that the twentieth-century Fox Disney acquisition is unlikely to release its sequel. Alita battle angel Disney is set to write and build a sequel for it

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However, James Cameron has made it clear that he will not be working on other projects until Avatar 2 is released. Cameron is also currently building Avatar 2 and Avatar 3. Alita Battle Angel will be released on December 17th after 2021.