Denzel Washington and Antoine Fuqua on Equalizer 3 Release Date and Story Updates..everything you need to know about it

Introduction and Details

Glenn Wilson / Sony Pictures (Los Angeles) – With less than two weeks to go at the box office, Equalizer 2 director Antoine Fuqua is already considering a third installment of the film.

In an interview, Fuqua shared his thoughts on “Triple” and said he was confident the star would return to the third chapter.”If that happens, I’m looking forward to Equalizer 3. I think Denzel [Washington] is a great James Bond-type character, internationally I want to,” Fuqua said. “Denzel and I are talking about very different things. I’m developing some things and I’ve found the roles I want to play.”


Fuqua continued, “Normally, this is how it works with him. I dream he’s a cowboy or something, and then I’ll have to pitch it.”Another character that Fukuoka has in mind for the Oscar-winning star is the upcoming adaptation of Scarface.

“I want him to have a scarf,” he said. “He laughs sometimes, he’s gone,] [Al] Pacino did a great job! I do not want to do that.” I am trying to get him to do that. “The upcoming remake could be an option for Washington, and the star told ABC Radio in July that he had not seen the third installment of Parity in July.”No. I don’t need it.”

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