Doors of stone:Patrick Rothfuss on interacting with fans asking about The Doors of Stone READ MORE IN DETAILS

Patrick Rothfus, the author of The King Killer Chronicle, the most famous epic fantasy series, had to endure a decade of unanswered questions from fans when he saw his third book, The Doors of Stone. Yet we are waiting for the news. Rothschild editor Betsy Wolheim recently revealed in a Facebook post that he has not said a single word yet.


Wolheim wrote an article about the book riots: “Authors Can’t Give You Books” Fans asked to qualify for the release of The Doors of Stone. Wolheim admits that authors do not actually consider readers’ books. He does not have much faith in publishers. “Book publishing is not as profitable as many other businesses, and publishers rely on their strong sellers to protect their companies (especially small companies like DAW [books]),” she wrote. “When an author doesn’t make it, it basically fills their publishers.”I can’t get “blaming the editor”. Didn’t you think the editors should publish the books we bought? He is crazy. When I published Book Two late, Pat was very open with fans – they knew what was going on. I did not see the word of the third book.


Rothfus dismissed his King Killer Chronicle as The King of the Wind in 2007. She returned in 2011 with the film Vice Man’s Fear. Since then, it has been a novel about Yuri with interesting side projects like Slow Record of Silent Things. We also have short stories like Lighting Tree and The Old Holy Come to Be.


In addition to the published works, there are many things that Rothfus has to offer. He speaks regularly at events and has his own twitch channel where he plays various games and interacts with fans. Add to their amazing volunteer service programs with global builders, you have a very busy author.

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If Wolheim hasn’t checked out the book yet, everyone has released it this year. “If I’ve been wondering for a while if I can get a draft of the third book, I’m very happy … happy and really interested in reading,” she wrote in response to comments in the post. “I love Pat’s writing. I’m instantly forgiving and lucky. I’m lucky to be his editor and publisher.”


At the same time, he does not look very optimistic. He replied, “I don’t think he wrote anything for six years.” Oh, so. Coincidentally, seven years ago, Rothschild was shown a manuscript of The Doors of Stone. It certainly looks very strong; What happened next?

Beautiful stone door manuscript from King Killer ChronicleHowever, it will definitely be a joy when The Doors of Stone is finally published.