Lil Wayne THRASHED by Fans after Trashing Engagement with ‘La Tecia’ Thomas For this reason


Lynn Wayne called her fans TAC Laticia, and then he was embarrassed !!! And the worst with people Lynn Wayne throws his fiance after defeating La Tecia!!! And litter with peopleRumors spread about rapper Lynn Wayne and Australian model La Tecia Thomas. On his funeral album, Wayne said of her, “Oh, I got a plus-size model, but he’s my uncle, I open him up like a darling, and it’s my spin when the world changes.

The lyrics of the song represent the body-positive model, she is never afraid to jump curves and is comfortable in her body. Latashia has millions of followers on Instagram. They appeared together at the red carpet party in Wayne in February 2020 for the final release of their new album. La Tecia’ Thomas appeared to be playing the diamond ring in her Instagram pictures and fans were busy with her rumor. Lotasia has not revealed the name yet, but fans are not hard to put the two together.

New pictures of La Tecia’s make fans think that she has lost some weight and that it is for the upcoming wedding.

However, not everything in the recent photos is right in heaven, and the model with the wedding ring got caught in her arms and did not follow each other on Instagram. Although Insta has some beautiful hearts, now everything looks good on her social media account.

With La Tecia’s not following everyone associated with Wayne, the ending spark seems to be over very quickly, but his daughter Regina, now known as his divorced wife Toya, meets Wright. Although Lynn Wayne seems to have a colorful dating history, this is the first time for La Tecia’thomas

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