Mad Max Fury Road 2: Will Charlize Theron be back in the Sequel with Tom Hardy?everything you need to know

The sequel to ‘Mad Max: Fury Road 2

George Milroy’s Action Masterpiece Mad Max: We’re all looking forward to the Fury Road adaptation and finally seem to get it. Finally. Miller was already ready to make a play called Longing for Three Thousand Years, but then he was ready to return to the world of Mad Max in Cain. Instead of a sequel, the next film is a prequel focusing on the young Furiosa. I mean – sadly – Theron Charlene is not coming back.

George Miller recently spoke with the New York Times about his plans for the much-anticipated Fury Road sequel, suggesting that there was actually a prequel. The prequel focuses on Charlize Theron’s Furiosa, but since the character is short on follow-up, Miller wants to star in his twenties. There was a rumor recently that Ania was considering Taylor-Joy for this part (so far no one has officially revealed).


This news bit watch. Look, what George Miller wants to do here, I trust him completely. I would lie if I said I did not lose Theron in this role. Part of Furiosa’s portrayal was Theron’s acting, and playing someone else seemed a little strange. In fact, this is an example in the franchise, because Max played Mel Gibson for the first time before playing Tom Hardy.


Miller initially said he hoped de Sonari D-Age Theron would star in Martin Scorsese’s The Irish. But Miller changed his mind:

“For a long time, we thought we could use Charlie’s CG D-Aging, but I don’t think we’re still there. But there’s still a much wider valley, I believe.”The prequel backstory originated from Miller and Nick Lotoris before Fury Road was built. Backstory tries to answer the question of what the life of a character in Green Place will be like, how she becomes a fierce warrior when she is expelled from the group of female warriors by Vinni and when she starts on Fury Road. ”

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“It’s a way to help Charles and explain himself,” Miller said. Miller and Letters were shocked to see Furiosa write the screenplay before filming Fury Road. While Miller was preparing to produce this new film, Fury Road production designer Colin Gibson was back. Furiosa Film says it’s bigger than Fury Road. Back to Fury Road photographer John Seeley was at the conference, but was happy to work with Miller. When I lost Theron – will she finally play a guest role? – Miller & Company I’m glad to cook what’s next