SICARIO 3: are josh brolin and benicio del toro working on the 3rd sequel..read the details to know more

Solo writer Taylor Sheridan and director Stefano Solima have opened the third film in the franchise, and both have agreed to a tentative discussion. During a recent interview, I asked Suleiman about the possibilities of “Sicario 3”, to which she replied, “I don’t really know. I think Taylor is already thinking about this, but I have a person who lacks subtle abilities.” But he’s already working on his mind.


Luckily they talked to him about “Yellowstone” and ask a lot of questions about the television show “Sicario 3” produced by Taylor. There is a conversation about the third film. I did not write. I’m still busy; if I had a story to tell, I would never think about filming. There must be a reason. “There are problems to explore, or there are characters or worlds worth exploring. It’s interesting that I still have anything.” In a previous conversation, Solima said that when she first signed on to direct “Sicario: Day of Solido”, the franchise had three films.


“For the producers and me, it’s an idea to create a trilogy of films about certain characters, especially the world. So it’s important that one film respects another chapter, but creating a unique and realistic experience, and we did a lot. Suppose there is a third movie, which looks different from “Days of Solido,” as it did for the 2015 original.

“I wanted to create a unique experience beyond the sequel. As you know, Sicario was well received by critics. But this is not a ‘fast and furious’ thing. So the producer’s idea of ​​doing a sequel to a successful film is a little clever. “Doing a sequel like this is not really a sequel. Standing alone is a movie, but I have a reason to accept it in the same world.” Taylor Sheridan’s original idea was to create three stories connected by a set, not all characters, but all the characters in the same world. I think it’s part of the idea to connect new staff with its own subtle abilities.

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“This movie is another experience, it’s sure to have some characters like this, but it’s a unique movie, so it’s a process.” Solido” is a very good and unusual sequel. Because in a way, it is not continuous. So this is really cool. So he’s going to do a good job again