Winds of winter:George R.R. Martin said we could imprison him if ‘Winds of Winter’ wasn’t done todaY

George R. is the author of the book series, which became HBO’s Game of Thrones. Mr. Martin was arrested near Acid Lake on a volcanic island in New Zealand. This is not a plot twist from the Martin books. This is a long-awaited promise in the A-Song of Ice and Fire series in early 2019 and will reach this date in 2020. In fact, it was reported in March that Martin was plugging in The Wind of Winter.


Martin will travel to New Zealand this month to attend the World Science Fiction Conference. Here is what he wrote in the May 21, 2019 blog update: To complete your book … I fear that New Zealand will completely reject me. Leave me the best in Westeros‌ for Nani. I’ll tell you this – if I don’t have winter air on the windows, when I come to New Zealand for the WorldCon, I have the official written permission to be locked up in a small cabin on the White Island. Prison. Sulfuric. Acid, when I was done. As long as the intense smoke does not damage my old DOS word processor, I’m fine.

Based on this, we cannot catch Martin on the White Island, the home of the active stratovolcano, which has an acidic lake in its crater. Martin did not actually come to New Zealand because he personally canceled WorldCon this year due to the spread of the coronavirus. Session changed

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