Kerala’s Plane Crashes, Splitting Into Two…!

http://Kerala’s Plane CrashesKerala’s Plane Crashes splitting into two. The Air Indian Express (IX 1344) crashed upon landing at Calicut hospital that came from Dubai.

Once again a piece of distressing news. Kerala’s Plane Crashes. A total of 191 people were there. Out of which 174 people were passengers. Ten children were there. And two pilot and five-cabin crew members were present. Kerala’s plane crashes at Calicut, Kozhikode upon landing.

                                           LOSS OF LIFE 

Very pathetic, that during these hard timings (pandemic period) this big tragic incident took place. Around 14 people lost their lives in this incident. Even the pilot named Deepak Sathe and co-pilot lost their lives. Around 123 people got injured and fifteen peoples got seriously injured. As per the report, the incident took place around 08:15 p.m.

The weather was too bad there. There seems to be heavy rain. And also landslides and flooding go common as per monsoons. Even the clouds were as low as 300 feet. After it landed it couldn’t stop itself. And it went further and fell off the valley. It got broken up into two halves. How massive damage that the airplane suffered.

The airplane was at full speed while landing. It went down up to 35feet down into the slope. Yet the rescue team is doing its best.

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The passengers were amongst the stranded visitors. And also included the ones who lost their jobs.

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Helpline numbers have been provided to the passenger’s family or relatives. Kerala’s Plane crashes leading to sad news. The passengers have been taken to nearby hospitals.  Even the locals came there to help them out. A similar incident happened the last year 2019 at Mangalore.