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Volkswagen’s bus is finally back. And now it’s electric

ByRachel Ramras

Mar 10, 2022

It’s been promised for years. Now it’s finally here. Volkswagen has unveiled the production version of the VW ID. Buzz, a 21st century version of the classic VW Bus. Unlike the noisy and underpowered original bus, the new version will be full electric with ample horsepower.

The Bus was a cultural icon on par with its smaller sister model, the VW Beetle. It was officially known as the Volkswagen T1 or Transporter but best known as the Microbus or, simply, the Bus. In America, it became associated with the Hippie movement, but the Bus also provided transportation for large families decades before the minivan was invented.

The classic Microbus has become a favorite among collectors. Nicely kept versions have sold for six-figure sums. The world’s most valuable Hot Wheels car, worth as much as $150,000, is a tiny Microbus.

While VW designers didn’t want to simply recreate the look of the original van, the automaker said, many elements of the ID. Buzz’s exterior are clearly inspired by it. The new van will be available with two-tone paint like the original. It also has short front and rear “overhangs,” the distance between the wheels and the ends of the body, like the original. Besides giving the van an overall shape similar to the Microbus, the short overhangs also allow for more space inside the van.

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